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Peacock TV

A brand launch campaign for NBC's new streaming service aimed at gaining subscribers with the goal of making viewers feel at home.


Fire Told

Smudging has been culturally appropriated by non-Native influences, companies, and social media. Fire Told aims to reclaim what has been taken and bring back the true essence and tradition behind smudging through an immersive storytelling experience through music and packaging.

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Space Force

A re-brand of the newest branch of the military, Space Force, while working alongside the National Parks Service and USPS to help build trust and credibility with the American people.

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It's a publication dedicated  to unearthing abuses of power in underrepresented communities. They empower readers to fight the injustices that would otherwise go unchecked.

Playing with Slime

Slime Worthy

How do you keep slime trending in 2020? Elmer's can tap into the self-care market and make slime a therapeutic tool to reach an older audience. It is all about making "slime worthy" moments. 

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An app extension by

Travel + Leisure that will curate a community of serious travelers that helps them craft the unique experiences they seek.

Modern Library

Atlas RVA

A collective of shared resources designed to connect libraries and shelters to empower the homeless population.

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Gen Z x Success

A look into Gen Z and how they are viewing success both personally and professionally.

Image by Edgar Chaparro

NBA Cares

Sports have always been more than entertainment for Americans, they're a religion, an escape. COVID took that way when people needed it the most and we wanted to help sports, specifically the NBA make a comeback. 

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Black & Brown Skin

A competition piece that was submitted to the 2021 D&AD Young Blood competition where we had to develop an idea that raises awareness and drive more diagnosis when it comes to skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in POC.



Why are we more comfortable paying $30 for an entree at a French restaurant than a Chinese one?

Can it be called fine dining if you’re eating with your hands?

These are the questions we wanted DoorDash to help America reckon with by confronting #FoodBias.

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