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About Me

Hi y'all! My name is Catherine but most people just call me Cat. I'm an Austinite and proud Texan with a passion for advertising, communication, human behavior and film. My journey through strategy started eight years ago through an independent mentorship program where I was paired with a Strategist and I haven't looked back since. 

My approach to strategy combines psychology, creativity, and business. I’ve used this to make work that is impactful and compelling.


If strategists were to be an animal I believe we would be octopuses or octopi (both are technically the correct plural form). We’re always learning, adapting, and observing the environment around us. We are always thinking, feeling, and exploring to not only understand what is around us but also develop empathy.


Apart from being a Strategist I'm also a full-time cat mom to my cat son Timothée, runner, and cinephile (if you want any movie recommendations check out my movie guide). I'm also a huge traveler and have visited over 12 countries and lived in both Spain and Germany for 5 months. 

For more you can check out my resume here! 

I also write reviews of movies from time to time...



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