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Zambezi | Creative Brief | Strategy   


The Ask:

As part a Firestone Direct's launch, we were tasked with creating a new brand strategy for the product. 


  • Raise awareness of the service in certain cities


  • Generate consideration through having customers book appointments 

Mission + Vision

Firestone aims to become a world class tire and automotive service company operating at the speed of safe with a maniacal focus on delivering industry best customer experience, while creating loyal customers for life.

Strategic Approach:

Firestone Direct brings car care so you don't stop moving

Business Goal:

Growth in revenue within key markets through increased awareness and conversions.

Comms Goal:

  • Increase familiarity of Firestone Direct service from potential new bosses 

  • Increase trial of Firestone Direct Service from potential new bosses 

  • Increase frequency of usage from our existing boss


Firestone Direct is a mobile garage that brings select Firestone Complete Auto Care services direct to you, on your schedule.

State of the Business:

Firestone Direct has demonstrated promising results in driving revenue and satisfying customers.


100% of those surveyed in the persona study we conducted did not know mobile specialist exsit.


While the service has led to positive results and response and as the FSD footprint grows, so does revenue. 


We need to scale even further.  

My Role: 

  • Researched trends, audience. and competitive landscape surrounding the car care

  • Helped to craft the strategic approach and opportunity


introduce an easier approach to car care that you can count on.

From this ethos, Firestone Direct is at the forefront of innovating the 
century-long convention for car care


From a garage you can take your car for service

To your own driveway without leaving your home or work

Convenience is the currency for modern shopper,
helping ease the pressure of daily demands


Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 2.51.48 PM.png

The retail landscape is being reshaped by the evolving shopper journey.


Busy, commuting consumers who live in smaller spaces increasingly find shopping to be a chore (46% globally).

In an “on-demand” environment, consumers want more control.


They want to customize, personalize and summon products and services where and when they need them.

Convenience enables more balance within busy lives.

In providing easy, utility and simplicity, convenience solutions can enable more fulfilment and enjoyment.

Consumers have become reliant on brands
with ease and immediacy being the new normal

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.02.38 PM.png

Even in the auto category,
there are easier solutions to buying a car

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.06.39 PM.png

On demand car solutions have emerged but most lack credibility

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.09.26 PM.png

For many car owners, service and maintenance is dreaded and seen as a necessity to get it done, not an activity to be enjoyed

“It's a chore and another thing I have to plan to do.”

- F, Millennial

“It’s the same way I feel about changing the filter in my air purifiers. I should, but it still works when
I turn it on so… 🤷‍♀️”

- F, Millennial

“Annoyance, dread, inconvenience, hard to schedule.”

- M, Gen X

When we looked at the most opportunistic audiences,
they get service done differently 

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.28.48 PM.png

But it's true across all audiences, when your car stops your world stops

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.31.23 PM.png

In a tough spot, making a decision is hard

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.33.05 PM.png

Firestone Direct helps offset putting your life on pause

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.36.54 PM.png

Strategy overview

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 3.38.54 PM.png

Strategy Team: 

Natalie Gomez: Director of Integrated Strategy

Jasmine Green: Associate Director of Social Strategy

Cat Marsh: Strategist

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