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Wine Cheers

Wine Stork

The wine industry is not a vibe but...Wine Stork is a vibe by helping to innovate the wine delivery industry. They needed a solid brand strategy and identity to help them stand out in order to reach a more youthful, less traditional wine consumer.

Image by Element5 Digital

Sen. Barry Wacksman 

The chance to modernize voting in America through power, control, and choice.



Winning the pitch with the goal to help increase HHP of Health-Ade kombucha by driving trial with new category users. We wanted to a connect with an audience that cares more about just probiotics but overall health and well-being.


Planned Parenthood

Originally launched in the spring of 2021, Be Seen aims to move soft supportive audiences (specifically young Black and Latinx women) to become strong brand supporters. We wanted to seed Be Seen messaging to grow awareness around our mission and demonstrate to our priority audiences that caring for your body is about protecting who we want to be.



As part of UKG’s partnership with the NWSL, we developed an inspirational campaign to raise awareness of pay inequity in the workforce with a nod to its impact in sports. Generate awareness of UKG’s Close The Gap Initiative and drive further action to close the pay gap.

Brain Sketch

think! Protein Bars

With an overcrowded protein bar category that has focused solely on protein as a number there was an opportunity for think! to step up and redefine strength in a stale and outdated category.

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There's a gap in patient emotional and physical care when it comes to medical diagnoses and relationships. We wanted to make MIST not just a medical software company - but a company that strives to improve lives.


Shark FlexStyle

Showcasing a new innovation in hair care. We created a linear concept and 360 scale approach product launch for Shark FlexStyle. Shark FlexStyle is a revolutionary product that twists from dryer to styler in one tool. Shark FlexStyle empowers you to take control of your routine. Dry while you style with a transforming multi-tool, all with no heat damage. 



Reposition Atlantis as the premier destination synonymous with the Bahamas. How can we go beyond Atlantis’s perception gap and its long-standing reputation moving into the future? With so much to discover, especially with its modernization, there’s more moments of joy for guests. 

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Brand Camp

A creators summer camp with a goal to help create and promote more diversity within the advertising talent pipeline at a younger age.


The North Face

In order to understand the power that nature and trails have we conducted a series of interviews talking to people about their experiences with trail and how The North Face can tap into that special feeling of being outside.


In for 13

A pledge where advertising agencies actionably stomp out systemic racism and create equity in the advertising and production industries by raising the percentage of Black people in leadership positions to 13% (reflective of the % of Black people in the US) by 2023.



Develop a creative strategy that helps consumers think of California Pizza Kitchen as more than just pizza but pasta, salad, sandwiches, and more. Reframing CPK to show they're more than JUST pizza.

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