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Wine Stork

Dropping Vibes in Your Crib

“Sky's the limit. I think wine is not always marketed towards a millennial demographic, so I 

would love to see that void being filled. I would love for us to be available in all 50 states if possible. I would love to be able to provide jobs to people through Wine Stork,  but we don’t want to lose the customer by becoming too corporate.”

- Faith Boogie, Co-Founder of Wine Stork


Brandcenter X Wine Stork| 3 Weeks | Strategic Direction + Brand Campaign | Real Client Project + Presentation



The wine industry isn't a's intimidating, cluttered, and old-fashioned. We found that wine tends to be viewed as a drink for older people and it is a drink younger people see as snobby. 

Wine Stork is a vibe though, it is new on the scene, quirky yet cool, and embracing the growing popularity of wine delivery. 

We wanted to give Wine Stork the opportunity to meet new young wine drinkers where they are. We gave them strategic direction, mission, vision, values and creative executions. 

My Role:

  • Conducted primary and secondary

  • Helped to construct strategic direction and mission, vision and values

  • Helped ideate executions 

  • Mocked up creative executions

The Problem:

Wine wants you to grow up, not be who you are,
limiting the occasions in which you want to drink wine. 

The Challenge:

Create a mental shortcut in the minds of Millennial and Gen-Z wine drinkers that puts the Stork front-of-mind when exploring the wine category. 

When they think wine, they should think Wine Stork.

We want Wine Stork to get out of the red of wine delivery that only focuses on delivering bottles in the fastest, most cost-efficient ways. Wine Stork can create their own blue ocean by delivering curated, wine-fueled vibes to enhance any mood.

The Target: Small Occasions, Big Moods

This consumer still drinks to party, but they increasingly prefer to unwind with a few glasses and a few friends. They’re less interested in provenance and more interested in how alcohol tastes and makes them feel. They want the right bottle for the right moment.


Enhance the different occasions of life, 

however you live them.

Wine Stork Values:


Never hide behind fancy language or deliver false promises. Let consumers know exactly what they can expect.


Don’t pretend to be anyone else. Tell our story and share our perspective on wine and business in a genuine manner. No one else can claim that. 



Remain mindful that the wine industry has often felt like an exclusive club. Loosen up all the needless rules and barriers to entry.



While remaining a resource, never talk down to consumers or try to impress them with complex industry jargon. Consider them our equals. 



Never break the bonds we  have built with, and the promises we have made to our consumer. Always stay true to our word. 


Democratize wine consumption by removing barriers, both physical and cultural.


Be the leader in selling to and educating a new generation of wine drinkers—in their language, on their terms.

Creative Executions

1. Categorize by vibe

Simplify the process by categorizing by vibe, rather than provenance or varietal.  You’ll never choose the wrong bottle for the occasion.

We picked out five vibes to categorize wines that will help simplify the process of finding the right wine for the right occasion. It also adds a fresh, modern voice to which younger drinkers can relate.


It also differentiates Wine Stork from other wine companies and creates memorable descriptions that users will remember.

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.10.25 PM.png


Love can be stressful but choosing a wine for the occasion doesn't have to, dine, and vibe 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.10.36 PM.png


Whether you're celebrating the little or big things, grab a bottle for the occasion

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.10.45 PM.png

Feelin' Myself: 

When you feel like 100% that b****

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.10.55 PM.png

The Feels: 

We all get the feels from time to time and that's ok, a bottle of wine makes everything better

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.11.08 PM.png


Sometimes all you need is the couch, the bed, or the tub and a glass (or bottle) of wine

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.05.32 PM.png

2. Celebrate the Arrival

We want to create anticipation and excitement from the moment they order the bottle. 

The wait for when it arrives on your doorstep should be worth it.

Wine Stork Drip

We’ll outfit our storks in streetwear-inspired nurse scrubs, which feature the Wine Stork logo, to celebrate the delivery of your newborn in style.

Vibe with Care

No messy deliveries. We’ll not only deliver the vibe you need; we’ll make sure we treat it with the care it needs on its way to its new home. 

Baby Blanket.png

Making the Bottle Official

Playing off the Wine Stork name, we deliver each bottle with a birth certificate. QR codes link the consumer to more information on the bottle, winery, and region. On the back are maps showing the region that produced each wine.

Front of Certificate.png
Back of Certificate.png

Spotify + Wine Stork

Drink the vibes. Feel the vibes.

A Wine Stork occasion is nothing without the right soundtrack. And our curated vibe playlists from the Wine Stork “vibeyard” will set the mood for everything to come.Pop. Play. Vibe.

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.05.57 PM.png

3. Get the Word Out

We can’t sit on our bounty of riches—or, in this case—bottles. 

We need to create buzz in Virginia before steadily expanding nationwide.

We will utilize Instagram posts and ads, specifically within the Richmond/Virginia areas, to geo-target young drinkers where they are on social. We want the ads to look vibrant, fun, and modern to catch their attention. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.06.04 PM.png

4. Content Creation

Continue to educate and engage the consumer through an online content series “Dropping Vibes.” This will allow Wine Stork's audience to feel like they're part of a wine exploration.

Three Friends. Three Vibes.

One Company.


YouTube description copy:

When the wine flows, so does good conversation. Founders Faith, Rob, and Wyck have completely different backgrounds. We're talking a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur, the owner of a boutique bowling alley brand, and the former GM of a Travel + Leisure Top 100 hotel. 


Wine always brings people together. As wine enthusiasts, the more wine the trio drank, the more enthusiastic they became. Watch their conversation, and vibe with Wine Stork founders Faith, Rob, and Wyck.

Strategy Team


Cat Marsh: Strategist

Thomas Freeman: Strategist

Nana Dadiz: Strategist

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.06.13 PM.png
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