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Zambezi | Creative Brief | Strategy   


The Ask:

Develop a TVC spot that introduces Jinx as a premium dog food for loving dog parents. 


  1. Drive awareness of the brand and the benefits of switching

  2. Convert awareness to sales, either DTC or a local retailer near them (Walmart, Target, Chewy)

The Opportunity:

Pet food brands usually show up in one of three ways in the category:

  • Pull at heartstrings with emotional stories around dogs and their owners

  • Cheesy humor where dogs are seen talking or acting silly 

  • Focus strictly on the ingredients and functional benefits that the food provides 


We have an opportunity to use our clever and witty tone while still being warm and lighthearted to find that balance between the emotional and functional benefits of giving your dog healthy food for a healthy life. 



Die-hard dog lovers who want the best for their dog, and are willing to pay more if it’s worth it. 

  • Primary: 

    • Slightly higher income, suburban/married, skews female, 3+ household; shops at Walmart (Grocery + Pet)

  • Average Walmart Consumer

    • The average age of customers at Walmart is 46 years old, with women frequenting the store more often. Additionally, 60% of Walmart’s customer base is white/caucasian  

    • Hispanic shoppers are the second most popular race that shops at Walmart, followed by Black customers

    • The largest percentage of customers at Walmart is people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, making up over 20% of the retail store’s customer base

My Role: 

  • Researched trends, audience. and competitive landscape surrounding the dog food category 

  • Helped put together creative thought starters and jumping off points

  • Helped to craft the strategic approach and opportunity for the campaign

Strategic Approach:

Jinx is premium dog food with nutritious, real ingredients for happier, healthier dogs. 

Brand Positioning:

Brand tagline: For happier, healthier dogs. 


Brand positioning: Jinx is real—like our ingredients—and our dogs aren’t like family, they are family. Jinx products are formulated and priced to bring better nutrition to dogs everywhere.


Product positioning: Our kibble is for all life stages, and the Jinx lifestyle is inclusive of all dogs, all people of every shape and size.

Aim to steal market share from legacy competitors like Blue Buffalo, Pure Balance, and Nutro, but are coming from a fresh perspective creatively, akin to premium DTC brand Farmer’s Dog.


Article Mentions

Strategy Team: 

Account Team: 

Creative and Production Team: 

Matt Babazadeh: Head of Strategy

Angelina Nguyen: Account Executive

Jeri Low: Executive Producer

Natalie Gomez: Director of Integrated Strategy

Sean Daly: New Business Growth Director 

Dustin Mulstay: Head of Production

Cat Marsh: Strategist

Christian Damon: Account Director

Matt Sherman: Group Creative Director

Marc Mason: Group Account Director

Alexa Thomas: Senior Copywriter

Alayna Zidek: Senior Art Director 

Gavin Lester: Chief Creative Officer

Alex Cohn: Head of Content

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