Vote by Mail 2020

The chance to modernize voting in America through power, control and choice

The Ask: 

Create a Vote by Mail grassroots movement to put pressure on those elected officials, including Trump and McConnell, to make Vote by Mail possible in all 50 states in time for November.


To disrupt the voting status quo in America

Campaign Ideas: 

1. Send Yourself 2020

2. All Mail Goes Challenge

3. Nike Partnership

4. Absentee Ballot Challenge

Campaign 1: Send Yourself 2020

The first human-less protest. We’re mailing our pictures to Capitol Hill because we can’t mail ourselves.


Share a photo of yourself by mail or tagging online. Every photo will represent a voter who supports Voting By Mail 2020.


Bring people together to fight for the ability to vote by mail in 2020. 


Compile thousands of pictures of voters who support Vote By Mail for the 2020 election at Capitol Hill or similar.

Campaign 3: Nike Partnership

The most important race of your life is to your mailbox.


Partner with Nike to inform that voting by mail is a necessity for the 2020 election.


Nike reinforces their position as an advocate for progress and cultivates buzz around how we should vote in the 2020 election. 


Put on your voting shoes and race to the pools. Show people putting on their Nike gear to get ready to vote from home. ​​

Get earned and paid media through having a rumor that Nike is creating a house house show around voting to get people excited to vote from home in the 2020 election. ​​

Campaign 2: All Mail Goes Challenge

You can send virtually anything through the USPS (coconuts, potato, rock, brick, frisbee, flip flop, baby diaper, piñata-gram, hula hoop, baby chickens) by mail BUT you can’t send your vote by mail.


Re-familiarize your relationship with mail and share that vote by mail isn’t a nationwide option in the 2020 election.


Show how absurd we can mail almost anything but can’t vote by mail in 2020.


Participants make videos of themselves mailing absurd objects yet they can’t vote by mail. They can tag a friend to challenge them to do the same with #allmailgoes2020 and #votebymail2020. 

Campaign 4: Absentee Ballot Challenge

If the government won’t institute nationwide vote by mail for the 2020 election, Americans are going request an absentee ballot. They challenge/tag friends to #VoteMyWay.


To request an absentee ballot to fight for infrastructure change and challenge others to do so. 


Directly notify the government that a new voting system is a necessity for the majority.  


Create a chain of content between followers utilizing the #VoteMyWay and sharing why we need nationwide vote by mail for the 2020 election. 

Social Caption:

I support Vote From Home2020 because my roommate is in an COVID-19 at-risk category. Let your government know. Request your absentee ballot. #Votebymail2020 #Absentee2020


Charlie Hudson: Strategist 

Laura Gardner: Copywriter 

Nebraska White: Copywriter 

Hamza Ali: Art Director