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The Ask:

Win Holiday 2023 with a breakthrough campaign

Problem To Be Solved: 

Fire pits and pizza ocean are seen as a luxury not a necessity. 

How do we make Solo synonymous with a perfect holiday?



Real holiday magic happens when you can fully be your realest self. 

My Role: 

  • Researched trends, audience. and competitive landscape surrounding the holidays and outdoor gear 

  • Helped put together creative thought starters and jumping off points

  • Helped to craft the strategic approach and opportunity for the campaign

Strategic Approach:

Show how Solo is the unofficial holiday from the holidays


Increase topline revenue for fire pit and pizza oven products of $80M by stealing share from other home entertainment products (ie. grills, playgrounds, outdoor essentials, etc)


This audience looks for products that are trendy, lifestyle driven, and quality. They want the products they buy to show off, entertain, and bring people together. Ultimately, they’re wanting experiences that bring 

excitement, social recognition, and tradition.

Brand Challenge:

While those that have a Solo Stove love it, brand awareness is still low at 6.6%. Fire pits and pizza ovens are lower on the consideration list for both gifting and personal home products. 

Cultural Forces: 

Holiday gatherings can often feel forced and faked (ie. ugly sweaters you have to buy, awkward dinner conversations, lying about a well-cooked ham, disappointing gift exchanges). 



Strategy Team: 

Account Team: 

Creative and Production Team: 

Matt Babazadeh: Head of Strategy

Angelina Nguyen: Account Executive

Jeri Low: Executive Producer

Cat Marsh: Strategist

Marc Mason: Group Account Director 

Dustin Mulstay: Head of Production

Alex Cohn: Head of Content

Matt Sherman: Group Creative Director

Gavin Lester: Chief Creative Officer

Jaimee Kiersted: Creative 

Andy Holdeman: ACD / Copywriter

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