Miracle Gro:

Growing plants that feed self-expression

The Ask

Present a creative brief to Arts + Letters (Richmond, VA) on an assigned brand, Miracle Gro. 

What We Found: 

  • People are spending an average of 22 hours a day inside

  • DIY is on the rise but people don’t know what they’re doing, especially with plants

  • The household plant market is growing: 50% growth in the past 3 years within the indoor plant market and the market is at $1.7 billion 

  • More people taking on the responsibility of having "plant babies"


Miracle Gro helps nurture your nature by growing inspiration through investing in self-expression.

Brand Truth 

Miracle Gro takes plants to the next level

Shared Truth 

Who are these plant parents?

  • Take pride in making their home look good

  • Try to make the most of their space

  • Care about the little things

  • Want to live a healthier lifestyle

  • Willing to learn

Indoor plants are becoming a root of


Want to share their uniqueness with the world around them

Consumer Truth 


More people are spending time indoors than ever before. This in turn has helped the indoor plant market boom in the past few years. Miracle Gro can be the leader in the indoor plant market. 


Charlie Hudson: Strategist 

Joseph Koroma: Strategist