Genesee Cream Ale

One of the largest and oldest continually operating  breweries in the United States since 1878, Genesee has been loved by many in Upstate New York for over a century.

What exactly is cream ale?

Cream Ale’s are one of only 3 beer styles that originated in

the United States, and Genesee was the first to democratize it.


Cream ales are a quintessential American invention and hybrid. It’s not quite a lager, quite a stout or ale. The illegitimate child of German lagers and English ales. It is crisp, full flavored and slightly sweet and has a corny flavor with faint malt notes. Originated in pre-prohibition times and was meant to mimic the light, refreshing quality of the German-born lagers with slightly different ingredients and methods. 

Genesee's Goal: 

The goal was simple: Brew a beer that’s smooth like a lager and crisp like an ale.

It’s approachable, refreshing and easy to drink and doesn’t leave out  anyone out from enjoying it. But is known as the beer of the working class since it was first brewed in 1960 

How did this help position Genesee? 

It made Genesee Cream Ale not just an

American Classic, but a New York Classic since 1960.


The original working class beer

from Upstate New York,

for true New Yorkers.​ 

Leaning into the strong regional aspect of the beer it plays off what it means to be a true New Yorker, someone who knows the lifestyle, lingo and what it's truly like to live in New York. 


Being a "true New Yorker" is an unspoken badge of honor

There is a strong pride and feeling associated with being from New York and understanding the culture. 


If you know, you know.

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