The Ask

Choose a product, service, company or brand on Kickstarter and develop a strategic plan to help them reach their goal or improve upon the product/service.

Kickstarter: ENEMY Magazine

A new publication dedicated  to unearthing abuses of power in underrepresented communities.


Tell the stories that too few journalists have the time or the resources to pursue, the stories that are falling through the cracks.

Empowers readers to fight the injustices that would otherwise go unchecked.


Evoke Emotion to Inspire Action

Research: News Consumption

  • 1/5 news consumers say they actually trust the media

  • Alternative facts proliferated while the truth is called “fake news”

  • The word “media” has a polarizing effect 

  • Serious credibility issue for news outlets

  • Citizen journalists have become more impactful

  • Traditional news outlets and mediums are struggling and becoming less relevant and need to adapt


Three written investigative stories in a novel-sized book 

Three photo essays in a distinctive book of photography






​Local newspapers and national media outlets keep shutting down. Journalists keep losing their jobs. This is turn leads to less news being reported and published. 

Opportunity: News Deserts and Changing News Consumption

What is a news desert? It is a community, either rural or urban, with limited access to the sort of credible and comprehensive news and information that feeds democracy at the grassroots level. Due to the increase in digital news consumption and layoffs, more than 1,300 communities in the U.S. are considered news deserts. All of this leads to lack of knowledge.

More than 50% of news consumers say it’s more important for their news to be more informative than entertaining and 50% agree paying news consumers say that detailed coverage makes paying for a subscription worth the extra cost.

Asleep at the Wheel

Don't actively seek out whats going, they don't even care, fine being in their little bubble

Blurry Vision

Don't actively seek out whats going on, limited knowledge, do care but just don't have time/resources

20/20 Vision

Actively consume news, occasionally donates 

Third Eye

Actively participates in movements and donates, activists and protestors

Target Audience: Scale of Wokeness

We are targeting people who want to change the narrative and make a difference

Extending Customer Interaction Beyond Reading

We want people to not just read and learn but take action 


Product Launch


Bus Shelters + Subway/Metro Stations


Instagram ad + story post


Downloadable Poster


Merch that would be available on the website


Sharable postcard

Dani Loleng: Experience Designer

Malcolm Richardson: Copywriter 

Angel Song: Creative Brand Manager

Jade Giddens: Art Director