Hey there and welcome! My name is Cat and I'm a Strategist. 


I am interested in the undiscovered that lies within the intersection of culture, people, and society!  


Check out my work below! 


Peacock TV

An awareness brand campaign for NBC's new streaming service aimed at gaining subscribers with the goal of making viewers feel at home.

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Brand Camp

A creators summer camp with a goal to help create and promote more diversity within the advertising talent pipeline at a younger age.

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Black & Brown Skin

A competition piece that was submitted to the 2021 D&AD Young Blood competition where we had to develop an idea that raises awareness and drive more diagnosis when it comes to skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in POC.

Wine Cheers

Wine Stork

The wine industry is not a vibe but...Wine Stork is a vibe by helping to innovate the wine delivery industry. They needed a solid brand strategy and identity to help them stand out in order to reach a more youthful, less traditional wine consumer.


NBA Cares

Bringing sports back during COVID, particularly the NBA, back to Americans in a time when we need it most with a three-tiered comms plan: 

pre-season, the draft, and

game time.

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Space Force

A re-brand of the newest branch of the military, Space Force, while working alongside the National Parks Service and USPS to help build trust and credibility with the American people.

Brain Sketch

think! Protein Bars

With an overcrowded protein bar category that has focused solely on protein as a number there was an opportunity for think! to step up and redefine strength in a stale and outdated category.

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An app extension by

Travel + Leisure that will curate a community of serious travelers that helps them craft the unique experiences they seek.

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Success X Gen Z

A two month long research project that tackled Gen Z and the question of how they are viewing success both personally and professionally.