A personalized guide to Richmond

The Ask: 

The Richmond Times Dispatch came to us asking for help to increase readership and subscriptions, especially among the 18 - 34 target market

Repurposing The Richmond Times Dispatch for Digital 

RTD's social has a lot of content but hasn't utilized it for digital yet. 

The Problem:

The problem is that print isn't dying its changing. 


Readers aged 18 to 34 make up 27.7% of the industry’s market. This is 1/4 of the news readers. Readers are changing their news consumption habits and going online more to get their news

The Richmond Times Dispatch has to live between two worlds in order to survive: print and digital. 


- 45% of 18 - 34 year olds ARE more likely to get news from mobile pages and apps

- Nearly 2/3 of adults get news from at least three different sources

- People spend almost 6.5 hours spent online everyday

The Opportunity:

The Richmond Times Dispatch has the chance to be the one news source for the young people and can live in a world between print and digital

Create social currency through community

1. People prefer to curate their own experiences

2. Richmond has grown a lot in the last 10 years

3. People Like to build their own network in the community

4. What people do in RVA depends on what they access to

Immediate Solution:


Why do people share content?

1. To entertain or enrich the lives of others

2. To define themselves

3. To network/grow relationships

4. To feel a sense of purpose

Offer new subscription services catered to a younger audience

Family Plan: a plan where 18 - 34 year olds can share the costs among others and share a subscription with roommates, friends or their significant other

Work with Leasing and Property Management Companies:

Have subscriptions included in rent to gain exposure. 18 - 34 year olds are more likely to live in rented properties than buying a home 

Newsletter Option:

Have an option for people to sign up to get a newsletter option for more curated and focused content

Create a Student Subscription:

There are 65,000+ students living in Richmond and the surrounding area and are interested in what Richmond has to offer

Elements of myRVA+

1. Local events/Attractions: Include events happening around the city: music, bars/nightlife, happy hours, festivals

2. Activities: Include activities and things to do around the city: James River, brewery tour, meet-ups/clubs, social events

3. Daily/weekly updates: Have daily and weekly news updates on things going on in Richmond like construction, local achievements, government/politics, etc.

4. Food + Drink: Richmond is a foodie and brewery city and people love to eat so featuring new restaurants alongside popular ones that help support the local and growing food scene

Instagram Feed

A curated Instagram feed showing events and places around Richmond that young people are interested in seeing and interacting with


With people on their phone 24/7 and is the main source of news for younger readers


Brian Spieka: Strategist

Sophie Whitfield: Experience Designer

Lex Coehlo: Experience Designer