Elmers: Slime Worthy

A national campaign at the intersection of wellness and creativity. This will position slime as a self care tool for adults. The goal is to make slime another tool in your self care tool kit / regimen, but a self care tool that you can’t live without. It’s about identifying moments in life that are “slime worthy”

The Ask: Keep the Slime Trend Going in 2020

We were asked by Arts & Letters to keep the slime trend that surged in 2017 and keep it going in 2020 and create a comms plan

Slime Worthy: Three Waves

The three waves of the campaign will help Elmers stay relevant with various tactics. As the conversation portion starts to decline, we hit them with a retail push. We will keep it relevant with efforts in the third wave that will keep the trend lasting.

Problem: Slime is Viewed as a Toy for Children

You imagine  a gooey, colorful, crazy kids toy and probably has a lot to with the fact that the slime phenomenon that took the world by storm in 2016/ 2017 first took off with kids.




How Did This Trend Start?

On social media - specifically instagram and Youtube. This trend not only saw an equal split when it came to male to female audiences, but the majority of interest came from those in the 25-34 age group (Tubular Insights).

Elmer’s sales grew 25% in 2016 and another 50% in the first quarter of 2017.


Slime Today: 2020

Today, slime is more than just a toy for kids. 

People are building lucrative businesses and supporting their families through their slime concoctions. Slime has also been used in various industries such as fashion, museums and health + wellness. 

Wave 1: Introducing “Slime Worthy”

The launch will be fully virtual for the first three months. The goal is to get our name out there, and get people talking about our mission. This wave is get conversation started around slime and self-care. 

Start an Instagram for Slime Worthy that will help foster creativity, ideas and engagement and use influencers in the health and wellness sector as well as use artists to showcase slime. 

Opportunity: Slime + Self Care

1. People today (especially Millennials) are more experiencing higher levels of stress 

2. Millennials are spending 2X as much on self-care products and are integrating it into their daily routine

3. The self-care industry is growing and shows no signs of slowing down

4. Brands are going to be looked to as the resource to help consumers take on new approaches to self-care

Wave 2: Introducing “Vitamin S” + Slime Therapy

A change in voice will help Elmer's align with the target audience, and our influencers will be great trendsetters for us. But we believe there is something just as important as the way we talk to audience, and that’s the way it looks. 


Vitamin S is designed to be a sleek and calming package and product. The fun part, is that this “luxury slime” won’t have to cost more than the glittery, childish gue product that Elmer’s is making. It’s more about have the right look, and being in the right place. The launch Vitamin S will be at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie - stores that attract our target audience and offer a range of trendy wellness products. 

Elmer's will partner with Creative and Wellness studios to host “Slime Therapy” workshops.

Calendar: Roll Out

Success Metrics



Barrier: People are unaware of the benefits of slime

Task: Make people aware of the benefits of slime

Tactics: Create Instagram focused on self care and slime; Influencer content to demonstrate; Sponsored content to spread the Slime Worthy mission

Barrier: People see this product meant for children

Task: Bring slime to target in a way that appeals to them

Tactics: Release new product line inspired by products the target is buying; @slimeworthy content tackles issues of young adulthood; Workshops cater to 21+ audiences

Barrier: Keeping slime top of mind when it comes to self-care

Task: Stay relevant and enter target’s routine

Tactics: Keep followers and artists engaged with “Texture of the Month”; Place Slime Vending Machines in populated, typically stressful areas for new audiences; Continue workshops to increase exposure and education


Shannon Gerety: Strategist

Marnie Abraham: Strategist

Wave 3: How to Keep It Going

The goal here is to extend the product life of Vitamin S. This wave will consist of:

Texture of the month: inspired by the success of “color of the year” where followers can submit package designs and texture ideas each month

Slime vending machines: Vitamin S vending machine placement in stressful and high traffic situations such as airports, train stations, schools, colleges, shopping centers and work offices