Brand Camp 

A “creator’s summer camp” where kids team up with real brands to creatively solve real problems and help to expose people of color to the advertising industry at an early age to not only increase diversity but decrease hemegony in the industry. Brand camp is a summer camp for creators - the culture lovers, the conversation starters, the doodle masters. 

Become the leader in defining the path to advertising for diverse youth. Shift the focus on people as individuals rather than groups to battle hegemony. Start the industry trend in creating sustainable change.

The Ask: 

Develop insights and generate ideas on how to fix he diversity gap in the advertising talent pipeline. 

The Real Issue: 

Not enough students of color consider advertising as a career path because either they don't know about it, or feel like they can be apart of it


The industry is plagued with hegemony, it’s a systematic effect based on preconceived notions that favor white men.


We can’t break down years of systematic racism in a day but, we can build a better system for tomorrow. 

The Opportunity: 

If there isn’t a diverse pipeline, cultivate

this one.


Team One can decrease hegemony and Increase Black and LatinX representation by providing inclusive exposure to the industry through guiding creative thinking of the youth. 

We want to reshape the story and present advertising as an inclusive, creative-solving problem career path. 

It’s an opportunity for young, diverse talent to team up with real brands to solve real problems, creatively.

Welcome to Brand Camp

Three weeks, 

three brands, 

one step closer 

to your dream.

Grades: 5th to 8th 

Campers: 20 

Teams:  4

Grades: 9th - 12th 

Campers: 30 

Teams:  6

Industry professionals and camp “graduates”

Teach and mentor the campers - exposing them to to the creative aspects of the advertising industry and building connections between Black and LatinX ad professionals, the campers, AND their  parents/guardians. 

We're Playing the Long Game

Success means an influx of talent from culturally and economically diverse communities, ethnicities and people of color. Eventually increasing diversity in the talent pipeline  and begin by fostering relationships with diverse talent early on.


Exposing them early on, get them excited about pursuing a creative career path, 

and provide them with the resources to develop the skills and opportunities needed to succeed. 


Inspire, encourage, and galvanize

more diverse youth to pursue a career in advertising by providing:


  1. Early exposure 

  2. Resources

  3. Opportunity


Age range:

Middle School: 20 campers (4 teams)

High School: 30 campers (6 teams)


Time Frame:

Weeks: Three 

Time: Once a summer 



Type of camp: Sleepaway/Overnight  

Where: College campuses

3 Levels

Brand Camp Juniors

Brand Camp Seniors

Brand Camp Elites

Real Brands, Real Issues 

Real brands like Lexus, Expedia and Häagan Dazs can get involved and the campers can help solve real issues in the world. 

Leadership Structure 

Main Instructors: 

These are the people that are going to be leading the projects, classes, and workshops

  • Industry Creatives 

  • College Professors in Advertising Programs

Agency Instructors: 

Department/creative directors for each team

  • Employees on the brand accounts participating in the camp


Live in the dorms, ensure kids get to the classes, participate in bonding activities, administrative duties, help manage teams, and participate the brands

  • Current College Students 

  • Alumni of Brand Camp

Brand Reps: 

Act as judges for the brand projects and assignments 

  • Brands participating in the camp

Camp Curriculum


Day Activities: 

  • Morning: Classes

  • Afternoon: Workshops and Team Exercises 

Class Subjects

  • Tech and Software Skills

  • Creative Workshops

Team Assignments 

  • Based on  week 1 experiences/activities

  • Team meetings are integrated everyday into the curriculum

Week 1 

Day 1 - 2:

Orientation/Creative Rat Race

Day 3 - 5:

Give Problem 1/Brand 1

Day 6 - 7:

Weekend Fun/Field Trips

Example of Problem/Brand

Problem 1: Help Expedia create a new mode of transportation  to raise awareness of its other other travel services besides air.

Week 2

Day 8 - 13:

Give Problem 2/Brand 2

Day 14 - 15:

Weekend Fun/Field Trips

Example of Problem/Brand

Problem 2: Design the best container for ice cream and a unique, yet desirable, new flavor to fill it with.

Week 3

Day 16 - 19:

Give Problem 3/Brand 3

Day 20:

Presentation and celebration 

Day 21:

Campers leave

Example of Problem/Brand

Problem 3: Design a product  extension for Lexus geared towards new drivers.

Camp Recruiting 

If they won’t come to us, we go to them. 

Out of Home

Ad Comps

...and get the parents and guardians on board

Out of Home

Ad Comps

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Laura Gardner: Copywriter

Nebraska White: Copywriter

Hamza Ali: Art Director

Charlie Hudson: Strategist 

Amanda Yoon: Creative Brand Manager