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A hairdryer and hot styling tool all-in-one: For All Hair Kind 

Zambezi | Three Weeks | Product Launch | New Business 



Showcase a new innovation in haircare. 


Create a linear concept and 360 scale approach for the product launch of the Shark FlexStyle.   

Build awareness and credibility with consumers, retailers, and influencers in the beauty category. 

With Dyson leading the category with its Airwrap, Shark/Ninja’s entrance needed to be differentiated and disrupt the hair styler category entirely.


Shark FlexStyle is a revolutionary product that twists from dryer to styler in one tool. This innovative product was developed and tested rigorously by diverse stylists and consumers with the ambition to dry and style all hair – regardless of length, color, thickness or texture, without compromising hair health.

Shark FlexStyle empowers you to take control on your routine. It dries while you style with a 5 attachment options for a transforming multi-tool, all with no heat damage.


Until now many hair care tools have been limited in what they've allowed women to do with their hair. When an estimated 65 percent of the U.S. population has curly, coily or wavy hair, we saw the opportunity to recognize that beauty exists in all forms of hair, and embrace yet-to-be celebrated hair – especially when the hair styler category advertising convention is a focus exclusively on straight and silky hair. 

The category convention focuses on exclusively straight and silky hair. The Flexstyle was engineered and developed for versatility and inclusivity, with a lower price point for more women to consider and an array of attachments to meet the needs of 65 percent of the population who have curly, coil or wavy hair.


Shark FlexStyle makes versatility in hair styling easy, inclusive, and accessible. When you can effortlessly express all the best sides of you through your hair, you feel ready for anything.

Shark FlexStyle makes it easy to discover the best sides of yourself. 

My Role: 

  • Conducted research, social listening, and MRI runs surrounding hair and beauty

  • Helped create the strategic direction for the product launch 

Of women agree that a good hair day can positively affect their mood

A Woman's Hairstyle Can Convey More Than Just a Look, But a Feeling

Of women say that everything seems harder with a bad hair day

Providing the Style Essentialist with Adventure, Variety, and Guidance are Key

In order to attract the attention of the "Style Enthusiast" we needed to activate across key platforms with a series of innovative social activations, supported by paid media. 

This audience flocks to Pinterest and Instagram with YouTube being popular among the Hispanic segment. 

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For All Hairkind 

To promote the release of Shark’s all-new FlexStyle, we created For All Hairkind, a campaign that encourages every woman to celebrate and fall in love with her own unique kind of beauty — especially when it comes to her hair. 


Through a series of fun and upbeat videos, we show just how the FlexStyle can help you rock your hair type and favorite style, with models who demonstrate how to use all six of the product’s attachments. We’ve included separate cuts to feature both the U.S. and U.K. product versions and make it known that no matter what kind of hair you have, Shark FlexStlye has the power to help you embrace it all. 

Zambezi Team:   

Strategy Team
Natalie Gomez: Director of Integrated Strategy
Jasmine Green: Senior Social Strategist
Catherine Marsh: Brand Strategist

Creative Team
Gavin Lester: CCO
Bernice Chao: Head of Integrated Creative
Michele Kunkin: Creative Director
Julie Liu: Creative Director 
Breauna Abiad: Jr. Copywriter 
Haley Renschen: Art Director 

Production Team:
Kimberly Vorse: Sr. Integrated Producer
Tabitha Onofri: Head of Studio at FIN
Sam Sausedo: Assistant Editor 
Marichelle Daywait: Producer

Account Team

Sean Daly: Account Director
Kelly Hsu: Account Supervisor 

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